Final Conclusion

Firstly I would just like to say it has been a joy working with Elliot. We have both helped each other tackle some great challenges and without both of our absolute 100% input this level of standard wouldn’t have been possible to achieve. We lost a member of our team quite early on in the project  which made tasks considerably more difficult for the both of us. This brought us together I believe. I feel like the communication between Elliot and I was high, keeping each other up to date and in the loop with what’s going on, what we needed to do etc. We often met 2-3 times a week to get the planning and the general idea of the site out of the way so we could start with the actual development itself. Throughout this project Elliot and I have become much closer which really added to the progress that we were making.

During the progression of the web application I did encounter an accident that personally affected my ability to work; my laptop broke. The wireframes were temporarily put on hold, so was the logo designs and just general research and blogging. To overcome this I invested more time into utilising the facilities available to me at university. From this negative situation I managed to turn it around to a positive one, improving my work ethic and general work flow. I was in a way forced out of my comfort zone and into a productive environment.

Throughout the project I learned:

  • A tremendous amount of team work
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Reliability
  • The syntax of HTML, CSS & PHP

From these learned outcomes I really did enjoy the project. I am now more competent with the web languages HTML, CSS and PHP. In my opinion PHP was the hardest to get my head around because of its programming and server side syntax. Overall I feel like we have made a great first app together and of course with everything there is always room for improvement. If we had more time on this project I reckon we would incorporate more JQuery interactivity. For example animations and transitions. The design of the database could have been better also. Again, if we had more time we would have spent more time on the design of the database.

Code breakdown: Submit Form

When the user is logged in they will now be displayed with a recipe form where they can submit their recipes. The form will include fields for them to fill:

  • Title/Name of the recipe
  • Description
  • Instruction
  • Ingredients
  • Time
  • Difficulty
  • Course

Below are examples of the various form inputs that have been developed for the recipe submission system. (All of this code is contained in the same file ‘form.php‘)

This is displaying difficulty:

Screen Shot difficulty display FORM HTML

This is displaying the minutes it takes:

Screen Shot dropdown minutes FORM HTML

This is displaying the course:

Screen Shot recipe display as course FORM HTML


Code breakdown: Menu 1

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 23.46.50This is the HTML code which includes the following buttons:

  • About us
  • Wiki
  • Sign up

The ‘sign up’ button will change to ‘logged in’ if the user is logged in using the session function in PHP:

  • ($_SESSION[“user”])

Otherwise, the user will be able to click on the ‘SIGN UP’ hyperlink.


Screen Shot Menu 1 CSS positioningIn order for the menu to look the way it does we must include a cascade style sheet (CSS). In this screenshot we can see that the css is doing the following:

  • the buttons are aligned in the centre at all times
  • when the width of the browser is altered the position of the buttons adjust accordingly using the “%” symbol as opposed to a fixed ‘px’ – this makes the buttons responsive.

Screen Shot Menu 1 CSS colours2Looking at this screenshot and the CSS here we can gather that:

  • the buttons will be red
  • it will have a particular padding
  • the font size will be 1.2em

So menu 1 looks like this:
Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 00.17.03