Induction week: building a supportive network of colleagues

First project given to our seminar group is to produce a photo-narrative representing the places in and around Bournemouth, whilst each location has a score representing level of challenge it presents. The minimum being 5 different locations from the list below:

  • In front of Talbot House Student Centre (1)
  • In front of the main entrance to Poole House (1)
  • In front of Railway Station (ASDA side) (2)
  • In front of the large Balloon in Lower Gardens (2)
  • At the surf reef with view of the Bournemouth Pier (2)
  • In front of the Durley Inn pub at Durley Chine (4)
  • Outside the Branksome Beach restaurant at Branksome Chine (5)
  • Outside the Lighthouse Arts Centre in Poole (8)
  • In front of the Regent Centre in Christchurch (9)
  • In front of Christchurch Priory (9)
  • In front of the ticket office where foot passengers and cyclists buy tickets for the Sandbanks toll ferry (10)

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