Concept & Ideation: Sequence of images showing individual letters from the Alphabet

For this particular assignment we were asked to look for ‘naturally-occurring’ shapes which can be photographically  framed as
letters from the alphabet. We were asked to stick to a theme, mine being Nature. A Photographer needs to develop a view of the world which involves a sensitivity to pattern,
texture, colour, shape, and form. This exercise helps to develop this viewing ability. Once
you have created your photo-alphabet you will never be able to view the world in quite the
same way again, and you will always be able to call upon your ‘photographer’s eye’.


Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 16.37.26

To make the whole process of making my collage on Photoshop easier I wanted to give myself a custom grid to use as a template to size my images into. You can toggle the grid view using the shortcut “cmd + ‘” on Mac or “ctrl + ‘” on Windows



















So at this stage I’ve already got all of my individual images on their own separate layers and have started re-sizing them to fit each one of those squares upon the grid.

I knew I didn’t have enough squares on the grid for the all my images. But I knew it would be visually interesting if I aligned the two last images, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’, in the  centre at the bottom as opposed to the left. That would look quite dull if you ask me. I wanted my collage to look unique and artistic. So I decided to also make a border around it aswell.

How I did this was I selected the Marquee tool and drew a thin black line down along the edge of the collage on the left. Had to resize it a little and then I filled the selection in with black and gave it a white coloured stroke of 10px. I then duplicated each layer, moving and resizing it to fit around the edges, to make it look like this:

I then saved it as three files:

PNG: To save as an image that also preserves its transparency of background.

JPEG: For standard viewing on screen and web devices. Also this particular file type compresses the file so it loses it’s image quality if reopened and re-sized in a document. The upside is the file size is quite low compared to PNG files.

PSD: To save as a Photoshop Document incase I would like to revert any changes at a later date.

Finished Design:


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