Concept and Ideation: Kinetic Typography

Motion Graphics is well established in the realm of digital media. It’s highly creative and is influenced greatly from graphic design and animation. Typography is just one element of Motion Graphics and by experimenting with many different typographic fonts animated to a soundtrack you can make text animated that has dynamics of motion and emotion. Adobe After Effects is arguably the most commonly used digital motion graphics and visual effects software. It’s mainly used in post-production for films or television production.

Below is the outcome of the task I had to do which is to complete a audio clip of at least 20 seconds and apply what I have learnt from workshops of Kinetic Typography using After effects. I abbreviated the word “f***ing”  to “f***in'” as well as replacing the words “Americans” and “whales” with images of the American flag and a cartoon whale to make it sound more phonetically with the actors voice over.




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