These are pictures that I took using the Bulb mode on a Canon 40D. This mode allows you to choose how long the shutter of the lens will be open for by holding down the button before releasing it again. The moment you let go will be the moment you’ll take the picture, therefore choosing the exposure time yourself. These pictures reflects the style Cubism through exploring space and time and the fourth dimension through the art of image taking.

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I got a friend to hold a red light under his face. I then pressed and held down on the capture button. He put his hand over the light and moved a step to the left, then took his hand away from the light lighting up his face back up again – then I let go and took the picture. Since the exposure time was so long and since my friend covered the light for a short duration the picture shows an illusion of two people. If the light wouldn’t have been covered then the movement of my friend and the light would have been one blur/movement.

These are some more pictures I took with a long exposure:

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The first to images were done with the same technique I explained earlier; using the Bulb mode. The last image was done using the same red light but just drawing my name ‘SEB’ in the air. This had to be done back to front, from my POV (point of view), so the letters are drawn  the right way round. I started the movement from the bottom of the ‘S’ and followed all the way through to the bottom of the ‘B’ all in on fluid motion.


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These pictures I took on Hampstead Heath were taken on Manuel using the Burst Shot mode. Whilst I was holding the capture button the pictures were taken in quick succession capturing the movement as if it were slow motion.



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