Development And Realisation: Information Visualisation & Design

“Can we differentiate information visualisation from information design?… Information design starts with the data that already has a clear structure, and its goal is to express this structure visually.” – Manovich, 2010.

Information or data visualisation is a visual representation of data. Spatial representation is chosen by the designer who also decides how to present the data effectively enabling us, the audience, to understand the information easily. Generally these are created for the purpose of telling or explaining a specific story.

Both information visualisation and design seek: order to define data, visually represent data, convert data into graphics. They can be interactive, static and animated. Even though the brief is asking us to create a static graphic, there’s no reason why we can’t show movement through form.

So summarising and analysing the research I have undertaken I have concluded that my original theme being The hydrological cycle (the water cycle) will not be executed well enough. I want my design to have minimal text as possible and for it to be visually enticing and the message to be understood within seconds, which is why I have chosen my new theme to be Who lives the longest?. I’m sure this will be a far more effective representation of data than my previous idea. Less text will be needed to understand the graphic, and the use of colour, shapes and spatial proximity will be a more exciting challenge for me.


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