Development And Realisation: Data Collection

After changing my mind during planning and preparation, before starting any design work, I had to research and collect data that will be represented in the poster. I went on the CIA’s (Central Intelligence Agency) website,, where they have plenty of information and statistics of each and every country. This was where I sourced and gathered all of my data. I didn’t just want to represent the life expectancies of a number of countries, so I thought it will be a great challenge for me to try and create a poster that creatively visually shows life expectancies through out the whole world and not just a region of it.

To achieve this I calculated the life expectancies’ of 13 countries from each continent: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania/Australiaboth male and female statistics. With these figures I was then able to work out the mean/average number of years that is expected of someone to live in each continent.

Click to enlarge:



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