Development And Realisation: Planning and Preperation

After thinking long and hard about the design of the poster, I decided I really liked the second idea from my brainstorm where I would show a ‘hierarchy system’ through a pyramid.

I got my idea after looking at this example through my research:

I came up with some basic sketches and jotting downs as to how I would perhaps want the design to look like. I made some notes on the side to elaborate more on the technicalities of the design. This is what I came up with whilst exploring into this:

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

In this design each individual square/block will represent a continent and, based on the data collected, these squares/blocks will be proportionally scaled within the pyramid. So for example Europe’s square/block, having a life expectancy of 81, will be proportionally bigger than the rest of them. I also thought it would be smart to assign a colour to each continent and to maybe include a Key within the poster to minimise the amount of text and to keep it as visual as possible.

Asia = Red
Africa = Orange
Europe = Green
N. America = Blue
Oceania = Pink
S. America = Yellow

Another idea is that each square/block will consist of numerous country’s flags so Europe’s square will consist of the flags from England, Norway, France and so on. The objective of this design is to show a ‘hierarchy system’, whereby the closer you are to the top the longer you’re likely to live. The pyramid structure will suggest that it’s very difficult for countries within the continents that have low life expectancy rates to raise them due to the actions collectively taken by the nations above them. The reasons can vary, it can be due to: weapons and warfare, technology, science, arts etc. Where on the other hand, jointly, they could spend more on over coming poverty and world hunger from their budgets.

Another idea I came up with was this:

Click to enlarge

Each line will represent a continent and will have their own separate assigned colours to distinguish between them all. It will be plotted on a graph which will visually show the various life expectancies. I got the inspiration of this design from my research I did at the beginning of this project, yet I think it is far too similar. This was just one of the many ideas that I thought up of.

Inspiration for this idea




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