Development And Realisation: The Design

At this stage I’m having some real difficulty deciding whether I should carry on with the idea of the pyramid or not. This is what I have done so far:

Click to enlarge

After showing this rough design and discussing the idea with numerous students at the University for feedback the majority said it looked plain and very simple. Eventhough this design is not complete they still said they couldn’t imagine it stuck up in a school classroom. To make this design work better for its purpose there are a few things that can be improved:

  • Changing the background colour
  • Making it a 3D representation

The colour black indicates something sinister, evil and dark which is not very inviting. And yet, reflecting on my notes I have made in my notebook, regarding the hierarchy concept, this will be a very difficult notion for me to convey as my skills at this present time within Adobe Illustrator are only at beginner level. At the moment the message I’m trying to portray isn’t quite being executed well enough, so I am deciding to completely scrap this idea, go back to square one again and come up with a completely new design.



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