Development and Realisation: The NEW Design

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After going back to square one again, brainstorming potential designs, I figured it will be essential to include symbols that symbolises Life and Death. Included in the brainstorm there are some other jotted down designs, but nothing too significant to discuss. One thought I had for the design was to try to represent one of the symbols of life and infinity, the never ending spiral, through a spiralling graph. Yet, I thought this will be far too difficult for me to produce at my current level of expertise in Illustrator.

To aid my inspiration I browsed the Internet for symbols of life and death and this is what I found:

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Through the research I undertook and lots of thought, I’ve finally decided that within in my design I will include a tree to symbolise a family tree, life just in general and prosperity, next to a graph that represents the life expectancy within a continent. I know that I will use the same colour theme for the different continents that I was going to use in  my previous pyramid idea. At this point I know that I would represent each continent as a branch, but how exactly was a problem for me. I thought of many ideas:

  1. At the end of each branch have different flowers to represent the different continents and to symbolise hope/life. I will include a Key also.
  2. The branches of the tree gets thicker as the life expectancy gets higher.
  3. The branches start to look more dotted as life expectancy gets lower to symbolise decay.
  4. The leaf at the end of each branch will have different colours depending on which leaf is representing which continent.

I want to keep the design simple and easy to learn as there is quite a lot of information/data to process with just a few seconds of looking. There are 6 different life expectancies to represent so I want to keep the design fairly straight forward for the audience to understand, which is why I think the fourth design is the final design.


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