Development and Realisation: The FINAL Design

Life Expectancy Poster A2
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This is the final produced design of my A2 poster that I have created within Adobe Illustrator. It is straight forward to understand which is ideal because of the demographic I am targeting with this poster. The areas I could improve on are my basic tool skills within the program to create better graphics and shapes for myself, and also perhaps making the poster 3D in some way. But I believe this type of poster will suit really well being stuck up in a primary school classroom. For this particular poster I reckon it will be difficult to design and produce it in 3D, whilst keeping it visually interesting and following the common conventions of posters like these.

The background being skulls represent death and symbols were one of my main focuses throughout this project along with the use of colour. The icon I used for the skulls is this, which I found on, which is a site that allows you to browse various icons and icon sets. Some you have to pay for and some you don’t. This is a perfect means to get hold of such icons or simple graphics without going through the pain of creating one yourself:

Icon used to represent death, click to enlarge
Icon used to represent death, click to enlarge

Another symbol I have incorporated in to the final design is that life is merely just a ticking time bomb, the idea that life counts down the days until you die. I represented this as a match stick which is utilised as part of the graph.

The last use of symbolism that I decided to use was the ‘tree of life’, of which I have discussed previously. Again, trees and especially the symbol ‘the tree of life’, symbolises nature, life, hope and prosperity. The fact that a plant just knows hot to grow and prosper where there is light, the same way we just know hot to breathe and regulate our body temperatures without ever having done this before. I wanted to present the message that no matter where you are in the world there is always room for prosperity, you’ve just got aim high like a plant or a flower does and find the light.

A summary of the uses of symbolism that is presented within my poster are as follows:

  1.   Death – Through the use of a skull Icon I found on the web legitimately.
  2. ‘Life is merely just a ticking time bomb’ – Via a graphic I created and produced myself in Illustrator.
  3. Life – By drawing and creating a tree within Illustrator using the Pen tool.

Through making this poster I have developed a vast range of skills within Illustrator. For example my use of the Pen tool has improved considerably as well as my general work flow. That has become faster as well through the help of shortcuts that I kept on tediously using the majority of the time. I thoroughly believe I have produced a strong wholesome poster that answered the theme I picked; ‘Who Lives The Longest’. It is a clear visualisation of it and original if I can say so myself. I haven’t seen any thing quite like it anywhere, within my research and throughout my life of being alive. The symbols I have used and the theories I have put behind them are all relative to the topic. Again, what I need to improve on however, are my general tool skills within the program Illustrator.