Design for Media Media Environments: Github

GitHub is a community. It is involved in an online participatory culture which everybody within the community contributes to. Developers are able to collaborate with each other within the realm of code. The actual GitHub community itself is huge, with people all around the world using this platform. You may have heard people referring to GitHub as a publishing tool. Whilst others have referred to it as a version control system or even just a collaborative platform. GitHub is in fact all of those things, in one form or another.

At its core GitHub is a web-based hosting platform for Git repositories (projects). Widely used by programmers and developers it is often used for developing and maintaining code. The really good thing about GitHub is that it allows you to have both local and remote copies of your projects and you can update your lines of code without ever overwriting them.You can follow repositories (projects) by “watching” them and you can also see how many “watchers” it’s got. You can bookmark repositories as well, using the “star” feature and you can also “fork” it as well which is copying a repository. Forking it allows you to freely experiment with changes without affecting the original project.  How GitHub is perfect for collaborating on projects is that it has the power to edit and make changes to code from multiple files, no matter how big or small, that can be contributed from other users that you’re working with at the same time into one master version. Other users will be notified of these changes and will either need to accept their input or decide not to. If the code needs debugging then it will be put on another branch of the master file.

Here is a video that will expand on what I have just explained. It may give you some further knowledge to Github as a whole as well:


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