Wireframe Sketches

Design No.1

This is a rough copy of a wireframe, a sketch that I did. As you can see I have incorporated a “sorting” option which I found in my research to be fairly standard practise. Here the sorting options will be by:

  • Country
  • New/Old
  • Popularity
Design No.2

This is another I did, this time the navigation bar is on the left. I noticed that a lot of navigation bars are on the top. Why can’t they be off to the side? So I decided to sketch it and to discuss it with Elliot to see his views on it. I feel if we go ahead with this it will make our web app different from the others and stand out. The sign up/register button is also in the left of the header where the logo was in the first one and the logo in this one will be more central and prominent. There will only be three recipes that non-members will be able to view and they will be Yumi’s official recipes. Non-members will not be able to share, like or comment on them either, just view. This will give them a taste for what Yumi is like and encourage them to sign up for FREE!

Design On_Click

This is a wireframe I sketched for clicking on a recipe card. The recipe’s images will take up most of the screen as this design will be mostly visual. The recipe cards all will have a series of images (the number will depend on how many images the user uploads) where you can scroll left or right like a slideshow. The images will show a step-by-step series of images as we’d want the user to follow the guidelines easily with no struggle.



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