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Introduction to Programming

This week I was introduced to what programming is as a whole, the misconceptions of programming, the programming vocabulary and last but not least an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) called Processer that is a software application used for Software development.

Programming is a set of instructions. These insctructions are written in particular types of languages to then be interpreted by a machine (usually with the goal of creating software). There are many programming misconceptions that gets thrown about:

  1. You have to be good at maths – False!
  2. Java and Javascript are not the same thing. They are both C based languages, but two very different languages.
  3. Programming isn’t creative. Of course it is, we create our own world and rules within it!
  4. Programming is too difficult.

Programming Vocabulary:

  • IDE – Integrated Development Environment.
  • Variable – Bulding blocks for all programming. Could be a number, a string of text or elements.
  • Parentheses – Open and closed brackets like this ( )
  • Functions & Methods – A whole set of instructions for one particular demand such as drive to my house. You would then save that as a function, but a method is saved to a Class.
  • Class – A class allows us to create a blueprint for everything.
  • Instance – When we create a person or an object it will be an instant of the class.
  • Data Type
  • Loops – When an instruction plays over and over again until the conditions are not met.
  • Compiler – When we’re typing a code and then we hit GO/Play.
  • Conditional Statement – Will tell you if a statement is true or false.
  • OOP (object orientated programming) – An example is if in a game something happens at the top of the screen, it will trigger something to happen at the bottom of the screen.

DMD Mind Map



Digital Media Design, what do I expect from it?

Well, as we know technology and media has a truly seismic impact on our lives and the world we live in. It is forever rapidly changing and fluctuating to the point where one might argue that maybe we cannot keep up with all the changes and sooner or later it may just all spiral out of control. Hence why there is a huge demand for Media practitioners, Designers, Programmers, Engineers and IT specialists. On this course I want to improve on my programming and coding in particular. Digital Media as a whole is very broad so Game and App. development is expected from us on this course, as well as, photography and photo editing, filming and of course putting our media theory to practise.

Induction week: building a supportive network of colleagues

First project given to our seminar group is to produce a photo-narrative representing the places in and around Bournemouth, whilst each location has a score representing level of challenge it presents. The minimum being 5 different locations from the list below:

  • In front of Talbot House Student Centre (1)
  • In front of the main entrance to Poole House (1)
  • In front of Railway Station (ASDA side) (2)
  • In front of the large Balloon in Lower Gardens (2)
  • At the surf reef with view of the Bournemouth Pier (2)
  • In front of the Durley Inn pub at Durley Chine (4)
  • Outside the Branksome Beach restaurant at Branksome Chine (5)
  • Outside the Lighthouse Arts Centre in Poole (8)
  • In front of the Regent Centre in Christchurch (9)
  • In front of Christchurch Priory (9)
  • In front of the ticket office where foot passengers and cyclists buy tickets for the Sandbanks toll ferry (10)